A Contemporary
Mediterranean Hideaway

A cocooning sanctuary in tune with Formentera’s natural rhythms.

Immersed between fragrant pine forests, lucid blue waters and Formentera’s protected sand dunes, Teranka is found on the smallest and most southerly of the inhabited Balearic Islands.
At once a laidback retreat, a joyful refuge and a nourishing restaurant, Teranka is inspired by the notion of terre d’ancrage – a safe harbour between land, sea and sky.

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A curated world within a world

A timeless homage to an elemental Mediterranean paradise

Teranka is a pared back yet exquisitely curated hotel whose considered yet authentic aesthetic inspires a fluid narrative between natural luxury, contemporary art and Formentera’s barefoot, counterculture heritage. Art, antiques, books and objets resonate with Teranka’s dedication to craftsmanship, to ancestry and to storytelling.

Where connection and celebration are luxury for the soul



The Essence of Formentera

With just five small villages, Formentera’s beauty is of the primitive kind – low-slung stone walls; dusty tracks and hazy fields where sheep shelter beneath giant fig trees. The jagged coastline is defined by towering cliffs, tottering lighthouses and endless bone-blonde sands, where silvery boardwalks connect barely-there beach bars and geckos chase the inky shadows of the sun.

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A sense of belonging

Rooms and Suites

Private hideaways and cocooning boltholes.

Luminous and light flooded, Teranka’s 35 rooms and suites capture the essence of Formentera and harness the energy of the island and its heritage.

At one with the sea


At one with the LAND
At one with the SKY
Eat & Drink



In Honour of

Formentera’s abundance

Gathering to celebrate the island’s bounty is at heart of Teranka’s ethos. With provenance and sustainability at our core, Teranka’s chefs prepare dishes whose elevated simplicity and conscious clarity respects both our producers and our island. From sunset rooftop suppers to poolside lunches to Sunday brunch in the garden with the family, dining is the very soul of the hotel.


Finding our flow

Being Well

Integrating wellbeing as a way of life

Teranka’s entire estate is a natural portal for energetic grounding. Our immersive approach to wellbeing heeds the natural rhythms of the island, encouraging guests to disconnect from contemporary distractions and allow themselves to ritualize the elemental cycles of Formentera, from soothing sunrise yoga and guided meditation hikes to stargazing, sound baths and intuitive bodywork with the wellbeing world’s most powerful luminaries.

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