Yoga & Meditation


Find inner peace in the idyllic setting of Teranka’s gardens and naturally landscaped grounds, where we have built an outdoor deck for yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes. Start your day with a series of yoga Sun Salutations, absorbing the ‘prana’ (life-giving energy) of the clean sea air, or book our yoga classes that are focused on giving you the necessary tools to improve your wellbeing and achieve the sense of inner strength and happiness that practising yoga brings. Teranka’s yoga classes cater for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced yogis and yoginis.

Meditation in natural surroundings is considered to be an ideal, which is why our guests can take advantage of Teranka’s privileged environment to meditate outdoors and reconnect with nature through mindful sitting and observation. In our meditation classes, we encourage everyone to develop their meditation practice and their abilities at their own pace through a variety of exercises that stimulate the energy body and improve all-round health and wellbeing.