Posidonia Oceanica

Oldest Living Plant

This is the marine plant that contributes to Formentera’s uniquely crystalline waters; Posidonia Oceanica. A vast meadow (7650 hectares) of the plant, not only purifies the water, but it is also a home to many marine species.

To see it in all its glory, there is nothing better than snorkelling or scuba diving to discover its immense wealth. Such is the importance of Posidonia to Formentera that its conservation is a priority. Anchorage regulations are in place for boats, as anchoring amongst the Posidonia uproots the plants from the seabed.

An anchorage surveillance and assistance service ensures that boat captains are aware of the importance of anchoring on the sand and not on Posidonia, and aids with finding good anchorage, especially during the high season.