Contemporary Art Collection

Founded by a French art lover, Teranka will dedicate its walls and its sculpture park to contemporary art, sharing with guests, visitors and all art lovers, a private art collection, together with annual exhibitions and talks curated by the art lawyer and art historian Dalila Amor.


Teranka Formentera unveils its first contemporary art exhibition,

on show until 30 October.

Man versus nature,
Man versus man,
Man confronts himself.

The exhibition has been curated by the art lawyer and art historian Dalila Amor, who has brought together a private collection of art pieces, with works of art on loan from galleries from all over the world. The collection is found throughout the hotel and sculpture park at Teranka Formentera, and reflects the essence of the hotel, a place that invites guests to disconnect, to meditate, and to leave behind all the noise and complexity of the outside world.

This contemporary art exhibition, entitled, ‘Controversies’, addresses the theme of nature, our relationship with it - how we are part of nature and how nature is part of us. This philosophy goes hand in hand with that of Teranka Formentera, a hotel that was always created so that guests would be transported to an environment of peace, nature and meditation that is offered by its privileged location on the island.

Teranka means in French, 'Terre d'Ancrage' the place where one anchors oneself; a place of rest and quiet reflection, surrounded by the shimmering nature of the blue sea, the green trees, and the luminous sky.

In 'Controversies', three forms of reflection are expressed:

Man versus nature.

This first aspect invites the viewer to question himself, his interactions, and the consequences on the planet. Tadashi Kawamata's work "Destruction n°29" is a good example of this.

Man versus man.

The second aspect of this exhibition encourages viewers to question their own interactions, attitudes, and actions towards others. With a poetic approach, the artists have addressed very complex issues. For example, Enrique Ramírez focuses on the theme of migrants; Iranian artist Naeemeh Kazemi creates her own world out of contemporary anxieties while exploring the role of women in society; or Arash Nazari who evokes the question of humanity in the context of its history and past through the poems of Negārgari.

Man confronts himself.

The third aspect of this exhibition invites us to introspection. The sculpture park with works by Anton Bakker among others, gives us tools to see the world from an unusual perspective, with different eyes. In the meditation space, or surrounded by sun loungers looking out to sea, we can pause and take a moment for ourselves.

The exhibition begins with the Jaume Plensa sculpture ‘Irma's Dream’, a piece that, with closed eyes and in a meditative position, symbolises the process of transition that guests experience when passing through the entrance door, into Teranka Formentera, abandoning the chaos of the outside world, to instead listen to the sound of the water of the fountain, to feel nature and to rest in the shade of the olive tree.


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