The Peaceful Isle

Authentic Formentera

Surrounded by translucent waters in stunning hues of aquamarine and turquoise, Formentera is a romantic island that stands apart from the others in Spain’s Balearics.

This Mediterranean destination is sought after for its ‘Pura Vida’ ethos, its respect for heritage and authenticity, and the tranquillity that draws grown-up travellers looking for a quietly exclusive place to enjoy the sun, the crystalline sea, and the long stretches of pristine beaches backed by sand dunes and canopies of pine trees.

Flora and Fauna

Although Formentera is a small island of only 83 km2 it has a breath-taking abundance of nature that showcases the biodiversity of the Mediterranean.

Hidden Gems of Formentera

Despite being a small island, Formentera has a rich culture and history, and there is plenty to explore beyond these suggestions. 

Posidonia Oceanica

This is the marine plant that contributes to Formentera’s uniquely crystalline waters; Posidonia Oceanica. 


In addition to its protection of the Posidonia meadows, Formentera has a policy of sustainable tourism and allows a strictly limited number of cars on the island.

Contemporary Art

Founded by a French art lover, Teranka will dedicate its walls and its sculpture park to contemporary art.


Teranka partners with a number of the main yacht charter companies, as well as car and motorbike hire.